High School Kickoff Workshops – 2017

Here are a few of the workshops that will take place at ChickTech: High School kickoff!

Intro to Databases and SQL

Did you know that most of the world’s data is stored in something called a database? This includes your school grades, your Instagram accounts and music downloads on your computer, or the music that you stream on your phone. Databases contain tons of information. Finding the exact information that you need can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

In this workshop, students will see what a database looks like, how it is structured, and more importantly, how you can get the database to answer your questions!

The lesson will be hands-on and focus on standard SQL statements that can be used with any database software.

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • understand the different SQL language subsets concept (i.e. DDL: Data Definition Language; DML: Data Manipulation Language; DCL: Data Control Language)
  • explain the concept of a primary key
  • use the DDL SQL command to create tables
  • use the DML SQL commands to insert data, select data, update data, and delete data from database tables



Write, produce, film and edit a group short movie using professional equipment. Learn all about live production including how to best tell your story; setting up, using and mastering movie gear; creative problem-solving, working in groups and performing with peers.

Bring your ideas to answer the essential question: Why aren’t more women in tech?


Web Design with JavaScript

You probably look at tons of web pages on the internet every day, but have you ever wondered how those web pages work?

We will be learning the basics of web pages and then building our own interactive web applications, teaching you the skills to keep building awesome web apps on your own!


3D Printing

Are you creative? Do you like drawing but would like to see your designs take shape?

3D printing makes it possible to be creative not only on paper but in three dimensions. In this workshop, you’ll design different small items (necklace, jewelry box) with a commercial software tool and our volunteers will print the designs for you!

We will deliver your creations to you after the workshop.


Computer Construction

Build your own desktop computer…for free!

In partnership with Free Geek, a Portland nonprofit that refurbishes technology, you get to take apart a computer, learn what the components do, how they work together, and how to tell why one component might be better and faster than another, and then build your own working computer!



In this workshop, you’ll learn how a sophisticated robot is built and programmed… while building and programming your own at your own pace! And after the workshop, it doesn’t stay with us… you get to take it home!

We’ll begin with a brief discussion of what makes a robot, and then each of you will assemble your own basic robot framework. We’ll have a bunch of experts available to teach you how to use simple tools to solder (a cool skill that you’ll use all the time once you know how to do it). Then, we’ll move on to custom bodies and decoration. You’ll cut and fit plastic body pieces, decorate with paint, stickers, and even colored LEDs to make your robot look unique and super cool!

Then, you’ll get to program your robot! You’ll learn how to write a program to make your robot move in simple or complex patterns, to sense and avoid obstacles, to flash LEDs either at random, in sequences, or as an indication of the control process.

Finally, we’ll take a look at some things you can investigate on your own. You’ll take home some sensors, additional LEDs, and other hardware so you can continue to enhance your robot on your own.


Wearable Soft Circuits

Join this workshop for a fun combination of electronics, software, and fashion!

Using the materials in your soft circuit kit, you’ll learn the basics of electronic circuits and coding with Arduino. You’ll create a LED bracelet and a unique and interactive tote bag – no prior experience necessary! You’ll be able to wear electronics that you created with your own hands.


Dot and Dash Robotics

Here is your chance to learn to program robots by getting right in there and doing it!

In this class you will have the opportunity to program two different robots. You can make them interact with each other, play music, play a game, have a conversation, there is no limit to your imagination. You will be using coding software that is very user and beginner friendly, yet uses the logic needed to use any coding program.

These robots are Dot and Dash from Wonder Workshop. They have a variety of sensors, and accessories. They can be programmed from your phone.

We will also have an opportunity to make a movie with the robots on iMovie for you to take away with you as a memory from our great class.

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