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Be a Mentor!
Help us change the world for the better by being a role model for a young woman! You can help spread the word that technology and engineering are both fun, challenging and worthwhile. Mentors are a great way to help guide a young woman to success.

Our ideal mentors are women and men in tech (undergraduates, graduates, or industry) who have some background in computer science, engineering, design or related fields. Here are some of the things that you as a mentor will be to a girl exploring tech:

  • A Cheerleader:  Provide an encouraging, can-do attitude. You don’t need to have the answers! Just the ability to say “I don’t know, let’s check it out and learn together.” Encourage your mentee to attend monthly ChickTech events or other events in the tech community that might interest her. When possible, attend these events with her or help with transportation — getting the girls there is half the challenge, once they’re at the event we can engage and excite them.
  • A Sounding Board: Be a resource she can bounce ideas off of. Share your passion, experiences, lessons learned, and things you can envision for a young woman getting started.
  • An Advocate: Encourage her in considering college and depending on her age, support her school research (College Mapper is an excellent tool for narrowing down choices–it’s even free!). If your time allows, help her in the college application process. No time to help? That’s ok, let us know and we can connect her to resources that can.

The typical time commitment is 4-5 hours per month.

Not sure you know how to be a mentor? That’s ok! We’ll help with ideas and support you along the way. You’ll get to know other mentors and can exchange inspiration with one another as well.

Please let us know if you’re interested by completing the registration form. If you have any questions, send them our way to pdxmentorleads@chicktech.org. Your enthusiasm and support can really make a difference in a girl’s career choice!

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