Portland Program Manager

Janel Hull is a community engagement professional with a passion for equity and inclusion in STEM fields. In her previous work, she has worked for science-based nonprofits building inclusive programming for all. Janel believes that empowering underrepresented groups in STEM will lead to more innovation, more justice, and more leaders of tomorrow. In her role as the Portland Community Manager, Janel manages the Portland Leadership Team, builds partnerships, runs programming, and engages funders.

High School Chair

Danielle Hubbard is the High School Lead for ChickTech. She volunteers her time to be the liaison between the high school staff and girls to all ChickTech offerings.

Volunteer Coordinator

Emma Jelley works as a back-end software engineer and is the volunteer coordinator for ChickTech Portland. She is passionate about enabling woman-identifying and non-binary people to explore technical subject matter and career opportunities. She is always looking for volunteers to join the leadership team and to help with ChickTech’s monthly workshops.

Operations Director

Sabrina Perry is passionate about bringing more diversity and inclusion to the tech world and firmly believes in ChickTech’s mission. Professionally, she’s interested in human-computer interaction and designing ethical digital products.

Web Team Co-lead

Barbara Harmon is a freelance front-end web developer and graphic designer. Barbara and Sue Robbins are the Portland chapter web team, and Barbara also volunteers occasionally for events. She loves being part of a movement that will enable diversity for women in tech, tech-related careers and training.

Web Team Co-lead

Sue Robbins is on the web team.  She started her career as an accountant and recently switched careers, to coding after taking classes at Portland Community college.  She works as an after school instructor teaching kids to code in Scratch and Python.

Marketing Manager

Hannah Ross is the Marketing Manager for ChickTech Portland. She has a background in Technical Communications, and has been involved with ChickTech since January 2017.

High School Workshop Manager

Mike Else is a Chicago native with backgrounds in User Interface Design and Product Management. Currently, Mike is the Lead Technical Product Manager for content creation tooling at Jellyvision, notably for ALEX Benefits Counselor. Though Mike’s education is in music composition, his passion for technology and working with people WAY smarter than him has opened some incredible opportunities, one of which is working with ChickTech in any way possible.

Mentorship Program Lead

Maigen has a driving passion to help women in tech, no matter where they are in their career. Leading the Mentorship Program enables her to engage with High School girls as they explore the idea of working in STEM. As a Success Coach, Maigen provides guidance and support for women already in tech as they pursue leadership positions and career advancement.

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