ChickTech: High School is a year-long series of opportunities for 150 young women in the Portland Metro Area, providing hands-on workshops, mentoring, and internship opportunities. Each ChickTech: High School year begins with the High School Kickoff, a hands-on technology learning event for 150 high school girls.


Each year, the ChickTech: High School year begins with High School Kickoff. The High School Kickoff is a two-day long event that inspires local girls to become hands-on technology creators. This exciting weekend-long technology camp has youth speakers, keynote speakers, 10 hours of hands-on technology workshops, meals, college tours, and the Tech Showcase. All of our High School workshops are hands-on so that participants come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. By increasing our participants’ self-confidence and interest in technology, we increase the number of girls who aspire to technology careers. This important work is shaping the workforce of tomorrow to have the diverse skills and perspectives needed for the industry to thrive.

Kickoff Workshops

The high school kickoff has 8-10 workshops that participating girls can take part in. Each girl selects one workshop and spends a total of 10 hours creating a hands-on technology project. Below are some workshop examples.


In this workshop, participants learn how a sophisticated robot is built and programmed – while building and programming their own at your own pace! Participants learn how to write a program to make their robot move in simple or complex patterns, to sense and avoid obstacles, to flash LEDs either at random, in sequences, or as an indication of the control process.

And the best part, after the workshop concludes, the students get to take their finished robot home!

Soft Circuits

By teaming up with professional female engineers and using a Lilypad Arduino microcontroller, participants will transform a tote bag into an engineering marvel with some high-tech bling! Participants will learn programming and soldering basics to design, create, and program electronics that can sense inputs such as touch or light, and respond with outputs like sound or LEDs. Visit the Soft Circuits Kits Page to learn more!

Smartphone App

There really is an app for everything! Apps to help you buy your groceries, check Facebook, read the news, play games, listen to music, and an endless amount of other things. Apps are really simple to make, and you can use your own creative idea to even come up with the next big thing! In this workshop, participants learn App Inventor, a program to create apps for Android phones – have a really fun weekend learning to build very own app!

3D Printing

Have you heard all the rage about 3D printing? From printing prosthetic arms to replacement hearts to fun toys, 3D printing has many applications in the real world. In our 3d Printing Workshop, participants will get a taste of what it’s like to design and print their own 3D object which they then get to take home to enjoy!

Tech Showcase

Come join us in celebrating the accomplishments of girls in technology! After a long weekend and 10 hours of workshop time at Kickoff, each student produces a technology project. Among others, projects will include programmed robots, original designs come to life with 3D printing, wearable Soft Circuit jewelry, and a completely original movie written, produced, shot, and edited by the girls. Each girl shares her project at the tech show with the community. Join us to celebrate them! The tech show is open to all community members. Family, loved ones, friends, personal cheerleaders, educators, counselors, people who support diversity, and mentors of the ChickTech class are all welcome!

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