ChickTech: High School is a program created to show high school girls that engineering can be fun and exciting! We’ve created a comprehensive year-long program introducing hundreds of girls to technology, the fun things you can create with it, and related careers.

ChickTech: High School is a yearlong series of events. It begins with a weekend-long event for hundreds of high school girls (or cohorts, as we like to call them) to spark their interest in careers in the high-tech industry. The workshops are all hands-on and interactive. Workshop themes include robotics, web programming, gaming, and building computers. The workshops facilitate a learning process beyond the actual event; not only will the girls have either software or hardware to take home, but they also continue to remain engaged throughout the year and continually learning through follow-up workshops.

All workshops are hands-on and project-based so that they come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. Our program is free to participants!

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ChickTech: High School Kickoff 2017

ChickTech hosted the annual High School Kickoff  October 28-29 at the Maseeh College of Engineering at Portland State University! This year, this inspiring weekend event gave 127 high school girls the opportunity to explore technology careers through hands-on workshops.

To see our High School Kickoff workshops check here.

Interested in participating as a high schooler next year? Email the high school liaison at to get your name on the list!

Interested in hosting a kickoff workshop next year? We’re looking for hosts for hands-on STEM workshops that will engage high school girls. Past workshops include: VR, personal website building, robotics, game development, electronic bracelets and more! Have an idea? Email the Workshop Lead at


Nominations are now closed for the 2017 High School program. However, if you would like to be part of the nomination process for the 2018 High School Program, contact our high school liaison at

For more details about High School Kickoff visit our FAQ page.

Past High School Events and Workshops

Not sure what kind of other events participants do at ChickTech: High School? Check out some past examples! (links go to eventbrite for description)

Celebrate with ChickTech: Year-End Event

Caleb’s Wonderful Web Development Workshop

ChickTech + Portland Art Museum Soft Circuit Field Trip

Agile in a Day with CDK Global
(See the pictures. Watch the video.)

@Large Film-Making and Design Workshop

PCC 3D Printing and Wearables Workshop

Explore Gaming Workshop

Day of the Girl Celebration at Intel

Saving the World One Electron at a Time – (green energy workshop)

Drones at the Evergreen Aviation Museum

Mid-Summer Picnic

User Experience Workshop

Career and Resume Workshop


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