Come volunteer with the ChickTech team. If you have a passion for technology, have an idea for a workshop, or would love to be involved with an initiative that is helping to empower women, we have a way for you to make a difference that fits your schedule and interests.

If you’re not in Portland, please visit for information on ChickTech in other cities or to find out about starting a ChickTech chapter in your own city!

Some of our current projects and needs:

1.  Leadership Team.  We’re looking for people to join the Portland Leadership Team. This volunteer team shapes the offerings of ChickTech and will make all the difference in the success and impact.

2.  Website Support. We need more people to help design and maintain our website. We’d especially love to have a web design company offer to help us with this!

3.  Career Events. We’d like to offer more tech workshops for adults and would love new ideas for our career program.

Interested in volunteering?

Please check out our open positions on  VolunteerMatch.

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